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2018 Sponsored Diet to Benefit Palestine

You are Invited!

You are invited to support Palestine by taking part in our Sponsored Diet, by either taking part in the diet yourself, or by sponsoring one of the dieters. Contact us for a list!

This fundrasier is to benefit:

CODEPINK, and Khitam, our sponsored child. (Our donation page for Khitam is here.)

Israel restricts the amount of food going in to Gaza, a ruthless and deliberate policy whereby the dietary needs of the Gazan people are chillingly calculated to keep the population alive at a near starvation level. An Israeli minister joked that they were 'putting the Palestinians on a diet'. Members of the international community are invited to join in a diet voluntarily to raise funds for Palestine and thereby show solidarity.

The Rules

  1. Weigh-in on or around Saturday Jan 6th 2018 at home or with fellow dieters.
  2. Dieters send a $50 donation as entry to the diet or send a pledge to raise at least $100.
  3. Dieters will be added to the 2018 Sponsored Diet google group for mutual support and fun.
  4. Get sponsors (suggest $2 per pound, but there is no upper limit!)
  5. Eat less or differently
  6. Weigh-out Saturday April 14th after 14 weeks
  7. Exercise more, on your own, or with your local group
  8. Collect money from sponsors
  9. In USA, send checks CODEPINK with Sponsored Diet in memo line or to MECA with Khitam Qanoo' in memo line to 14FP, PO BOX 6634, San Rafael, CA 94903 by May 15th 2018.
  10. The money will be sent off to the two beneficiaries in the third week of May.
  11. Dieters and their sponsors may choose which organization to support. Therefore, the totals raised will not necessary be equal
  12. Please note that your actual weight will remain confidential at all times

Those of you who do not need/wish to lose weight are invited to sponsor those of us that do.

If you want to join or sponsor someone, please email 14friendsofpalestine@gmail.com  

Please note that this is a fundraiser for Palestine, not just a diet club. Dieters pledge to raise at least $100. The current record raised from a single dieter is $3,000.

Click on the image below for a printable copy of the flier.

 Sponsored Diet to Benefit Palestine

Go Palestine! – The weight of the world is behind you!

Sponsored Diet Cartoon

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